Doing a Property Title Search in Thailand

Doing a Property Title Search in Thailand is crucial if you want to purchase a property in Thailand. This process will help you to understand the history of the property, as all land in Thailand is owned by the King. If you have purchased a property for the first time in Thailand, then the King is usually the owner. However, if you are considering buying a second home in Thailand, it is important to understand how to do a title search.

Nor Sor 3

Having a Nor Sor 3 Property Title Search in Thailand can be a huge help when you are looking to buy a property in Thailand. Nor Sor 3 titles are the first stage in land titles, and they have no precise boundaries. Oftentimes, Nor Sor 3 titles are the first step before obtaining a Nor Sor 3 Gor title, which is the second stage and comes after successful measurement.


The first step in doing a Chanote property title search in Thailand is to understand exactly what you're buying. A Chanote property title grants the landowner full ownership rights. The document is considered to be the most secure type of deed in Thailand, and it can be incredibly difficult to find. This document serves as a certificate of ownership that can be presented to government authorities as proof that you have exclusive rights to the land. You can also register leases or encumbrances against your property. You can obtain a copy of a Chanote property title deed from the Phuket Provisional Land Office, which plots the land boundaries.


When you are looking for real estate in Thailand, a condominium property title search is essential. While foreign investors are not allowed to own freehold land in Thailand, they can purchase condominium units. These condominium titles list the location of the property, as well as the deed number, for each unit. They also contain information about the unit, such as its area and dimensions, as well as the ownership ratio of the common property.

Nor Sor 4

The Land Department has a system to make changes to a Nor Sor 3 or Nor Sor 4 property title. A change to the title deed is sometimes necessary, particularly when the property is part of a condominium or has been developed. While it is not usually necessary to check for a title change, it is best to do it if you're unsure whether the land you're looking at is yours.

Condominium title

A condominium title is a legal document establishing ownership of the unit in a building. It states the floor area, dimensions, and identifying information of the unit and lists the ownership ratio of common property. Common property is the building and the exterior walls. Other buildings do not have a title document, but can be sold and leased to other owners. Using a Thai Land Registry to look up the ownership ratio of a condominium can help you make the right decision.

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