July 4, 2023
Property Market in Thailand

The property market in Thailand has experienced significant growth and transformation over the years, attracting both local and international investors. As one of Southeast Asia's most popular tourist destinations and a rapidly developing economy, Thailand offers a diverse range of opportunities for real estate investment. In this article, we will delve into the latest property […]

May 25, 2023
Sales Contract Review in Thailand.

When engaging in a property transaction in Thailand, it is crucial to have a Sales Contract, also known as a Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA), reviewed by a legal professional. Here are some key points to consider when reviewing a Sales Contract in Thailand: Engage a Lawyer: It is highly advisable to engage a reputable […]

April 17, 2023
Types of Property Title Transfer in Thailand

All real estate transactions ultimately revolve around land, land ownership and title deeds. In Thailand, there are a wide range of official documents that are used to show land ownership. Some of these can be used to lease or sell land and some do not allow any kind of sale or lease. The most obvious […]

July 6, 2022
Doing a Property Title Search in Thailand

Doing a Property Title Search in Thailand is crucial if you want to purchase a property in Thailand. This process will help you to understand the history of the property, as all land in Thailand is owned by the King. If you have purchased a property for the first time in Thailand, then the King […]

July 6, 2022
The Importance of Legal Review of Property Contracts

A legal review of property contracts is important for several reasons. First of all, it protects the developer from liability. Even with the best intentions, disputes can arise if the seller fails to disclose important information or fail to meet their responsibilities before closing. Secondly, the review can add a clause that mandates arbitration or […]

July 6, 2022
Doing Property Due Diligence in Thailand

Doing Property Due Diligence in Thailand involves a thorough investigation and document review. It also involves questions about the legal status of the property, the reliability of the owner, and other infrastructure, such as sewage and telephone system. For a successful property purchase, due diligence is essential. Read on to learn more. - Tips on […]

July 27, 2012
Buying Property in Phuket

If you are buying property in Phuket then consider the importance of having a due diligence done on the property before you sign on the dotted line. There have been a number of scams which have been run in Thailand over the years the famous one being where a developer built property on government land […]

November 13, 2011
Property Lawyer in Phuket

If you are looking for a reputable law firm in Phuket Thailand then look no further than Law Firm. Our office in Phuket serves most expats and foreigners in Phuket and with offices in all the major cities we are best able to provide you the best legal solutions. Call us in Thailand today for […]

November 13, 2011
Servitudes in Thailand

Understanding servitudes in Thailand  needs the help of a property lawyer. Phuket island is seeing more servitudes registered as it becomes filled with more property each year. What does the law say. Speak to a lawyer in Phuket before you sign any documents in Thailand.

November 13, 2011
Usufructs in Phuket

If you are looking at buying property in Phuket with usufructs registered over it speak to a property lawyer in Phuket first. The usufruct usage in Thailand is allowed in Thailand and we cover it here. Be aware of the use of the usufruct in Thailand and how it affects the property. Call us today […]

November 13, 2011
Leasing Property in Phuket

Leasing property in Thailand comes with official laws and regulations and also unofficial (common) laws which people use. If you are not certain about your lease agreement in Thailand, speak to a property lawyer in Phuket before you agree to lease property in Phuket failing which could create legal issues. Speak our lawyers in Phuket […]

November 12, 2011
Property Taxes in Thailand

The Government had said that they would not be extending their reduced transfer rates which was put into place to spur the property sector last year. Guess again - it's been extended! See our update at the bottom of the post with regards to property transfer discounts.